Behind the Scenes


As an artist manager, I run auditions every now and then. Last weekend was a memorable one. I decided to write a story about it.

I know many artists read my site. I often highlight the importance of work ethic and footwork in enabling success.

This band was in contact for the first time two months ago. They were interested in knowing more about what they could do behind the scenes. Timing was well thought out. They are about to take a break from touring – the second album is coming out next year. This break is meant to be used for recording an album, but also for building favorable pre-conditions for it and its release.

We had several conversations with the band’s singer before we all met. We tracked everything that may or may not be relevant to the band’s story – what has happened so far and what will be told in the future. The band has already formed quite a large fan base. They’ve done almost hundred shows over the last couple of years – from smaller and medium-sized clubs to festivals. In a country the size of Finland this is a lot.

Why I am telling this story has to do with work ethics. This band drove to me last Saturday, on the completely other side of Finland for an audition of several hours. This one-day session was prepared on the phone for two months. Then they set off for the evening venue, which was also a long journey.

This is just one manifestation of what they have done for their success. I don’t usually write such detailed stories about the scenes. A lot of contacts lately has been about preparations and what to keep in mind. This type of engagement is a way for a professional to prepare for the future. Many things can be done in one day.

behind scenes manager audition with dynamo rock band
Meet Dynamo, from Eastern Finland