Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The year is coming to an end – so is the related movement.  I think I am about to start my Christmas Holidays now – when it becomes an opportunity. Christmas and this time of the year is a great spot for review. When I think what has happened this year – I cannot be anything but grateful. I’ve got to meet great people – from different parts of the world and in many different situations. Because pictures tells more than words, I decided to make a small-scale photo collage.

The Essence of the Music Business

These book-in-hand photos became a cute phenomenon. They are still fun to get. If you happen to hit your hands on the book, I am more than happy to get a picture of it.

The Essence of the Music Business
Planning moment before the semester start

There have been several moments in the past year and a half – planning moments with Liisa Tolonen for Arcada.

The Essence of the Music Business
Round table meeting for Annika’s Debut Album release

I have known Annika for three years – right from the beginning of her solo career. Now it’s finally happening – the debut album will be released in 2020.

The Essence of the Music Business
Meet Dynamo from Eastern Finland

Auditions are great to keep. The band traveled 600 kilometers for an audition. Second album coming next year.

The Essence of the Music Business
Music & Media 2019, Tampere, Finland

These guys made my Music&Media attendance very pleasant – w/Leonidas Chantzaras and Samuli Väänänen.

The Essence of the Music Business
Mika Karhumaa, Jack McConnell and SeAmk’s cultural management students.

This class was and is a pleasure. Even if I had to travel a few thousand kilometers in just over six weeks, it didn’t feel like it. The class atmosphere was so positive and inspiring.

The Essence of the Music Business
A business meeting w/ Mika Karhumaa, Axel Thesleff and Oliver Obolgogiani

One of the last meetings of the year – but not the least. I heard Axel’s thoughts on his music and would have listened to it for several hours. Rarely four and a half hours go by that fast.

Finally, a much asked question. Is there a book coming. The answer is yes and no. I have been writing new material aside. The difficult decision is whether to include it as an addition to the earlier trilogy, or to make a whole new book.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Back on the track on 7th January, 2020




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