The Essence of the Music Business – Strategy


It’s been a while since I was writing here last. Autumn has gone a long way and small holiday has been kept. I had promised to return when the promotion of the second book is about to end. Now is the moment. A few things have left unnoticed. Throughout the autumn I have received a lot of questions about my books. I am really grateful for that. The most common question has been the extension. Yes – The Essence of the Music Business gets the third part. It is titled as Strategy.

Feedback has come to direct requests to write about the things that are not immediately noticeable. This usually means strategic perspectives. I decided in the summer to face that challenge. This again is an indication of why reader’s feedback is useful. I got a point of view that would not come to mind immediately. I would like to highlight my supporter – The Association of Finnish Non-fiction Writers. They granted me a scholarship for half-a-year, which enabled full concentration. This also enabled me to do lecturing work in support of writing work. So I got reflections also from live situations, not just from the reader feedback. This contributed to the difficulty of the structure of the book and the selection of content, but it certainly brought elements that would otherwise have been ignored.

The most comfortable thing in this operation was and is that the basics are presented in the first two parts. I got straight to the point. Writing after that insight was essentially the choice of matters to be included, which makes it possible to write more of the sequel when a change in the field gives it the cause. Every writer would be happy about this kind of situation. What I am trying to say is that all of your feedback is valuable. It is much possible that some of them will have their own chapter in my production.

The Essence of the Music Business – Strategy will be released in spring or autumn 2019 – depending entirely on the completeness of proof-reading. I am pretty sure that this book is worth waiting for. When I was writing it, I had such insights that had not come to mind before. I got them all on the paper.