The Second Edition Has Been Published


 The Essence of the Music Business : Contracts – Second Edition has been published worldwide on Amazon. Here are a few words about the content and its back cover. 

This book is about what you need to know about contracts, contracting and related management without being a lawyer.

Each contract should have a link to the artist’s story. The origin of the artist’s story does not actually change as a result of changes in popularity and circumstances. The contract should take this ideal into consideration – it should be left as intact as possible. All the external factors that interfere with that artist’s holy make it difficult for the artist to pursue their artistic freedom.

Instead, the conditions that are prone to prevailing popularity must be able to react to change. These require compromises to succeed, and the balance can be achieved in the agreement. This way the artist’s decision-making power remains in line between business and artistic goals. The question is how much power to decide on oneself and signing away copyrights it is reasonable to achieve the goal. Ideally, that goal in shared by all involved.

Each agreement creates limitations for its parties and requires consideration by the other. A good contract is one that binds only to its active lifetime – not passive in times of inactivity. This book deals with that confrontation and its meaning in achieving artistic and economic goals – from the point of view of agreements.

The second edition of The Essence of the Music Business: Contracts







Back Cover

‘The music industry in terms of business cannot be understood unless its agreements are understood. Derivative of copyright and related rights must be taken into account in all decision-making and operational planning. This starting point is also the basis of every agreement.

This book addresses understandably the problematic issues and the business that is formed around it. The main focus is on where it most intensively touches its authors – artists and their management – from where all the necessary licenses are ultimately granted. This book deals with what artists usually must arrange in order to achieve their goals – agreements with regards to their mutual affairs.

New examples have been added to the second edition to better reflect the present time. In particular, streaming and its impact on other business areas are the focus of attention.

The author of the book has over 20 years of experience in the international music business as a manager and legal advisor’.