Mika KarhumaaThis is my personal website. I opened this site when the most active time as an artist manager started coming to an end. Today I am more of an operative manager for industrial needs, legal advisor and author – just to make my current role clear. This is not quite so black and white. I do some artist management – on modern terms. I also lecture a lot on the subject.

When you take a distance to something, you may see in more detail. I decided to write a book some time ago. It happened that three of them were born. The first one deals with the contracts that are used in the field. The other one deals with the things that would have helped me when I started my career. The third is about strategy – one of my favorite topics.

On these pages you will find everything that is necessary for my books and my affiliations. All communication is smoothly done as described in Contact Info.

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The cover of The Essence of the Music Business:Strategy book