The original introduction of this site wasn’t accurate anymore. So many things has changed since I started this. There are two books under construction at the moment as mentioned earlier. It takes a while to build them into the readable and an understandable form. In the middle of the writing process I understood that there will be construed a lots of byproducts and extra-material that I wasn’t even intended to conclude. For that reason it became obvious that further writing on this site will become topical earliest from the moment, in which at least one of those books has been released. Otherwise all this existing material may confuse to those readers who haven’t been following this site from the very beginning. The first book has been in proof-reading all summer. The result will become available later this year. Then it is also a time to return to the point where everything started. I have a lots of unreleased material left that wasn’t included to those books. The estimated releasing hour for ’The Essence of the Music Business 2’ will take place on 2017. The Essence of the Music Business ( Part One ) will be released in this year.