Story Root and A Few Related Insights


As it is with every story, its root is an always present thing. The story root exists, even if it you cannot see it. It may have been replaced with some other, more topical or accurate feature. Something that is more interesting, or in time at that particular moment. Even in case of its altered form, the origin is always there – you cannot get rid of it. In fact, all these new features springing out of it, are somewhat in line with it – one way or another. It is our growth story.

That set-up is present where ever you are accepting a new assignment – no matter the role. Even though there can be a root already, your contribution begins a new era within it. All the features you will bring with it, will be evaluated though the scope of this root. How much, or how little your efforts are reflecting that idea. When we say that someone is taking good care of the artist’s legacy, for example, it is this story root and related episodes that acts as a measure.

The story root is an enabler – it makes the necessary evaluation possible. You may afterwards analyze your action according to how it corresponds to the idea of that root. Or how it correlates the back motives involved in it. As we already pointed out, that same story root is relevant outside the artist’s story too. It will make reflections to the artist’s background organization. To understand and internalize this very philosophy is something that makes you a manager. Even if the artist has released their biggest hit just recently, it is still their first release ever that consists the origin. Everything else that has happened from that moment on, is a growth story. This is something to keep in mind before starting your job as a manager.

The takeaway insight is that the story root itself is usually located to much earlier moment we tend to think. It isn’t always obvious. It is the first official mark where the journey begin. With regard to the artist, it is always a released recording or a published song. It is your job to find it. Only then you can be consistent with your work. Embrace the origin.

This is us – at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. 29 students plus one teacher and a common interest – a modern music business management. Even though our story in this context is still under construction, we decided to make a premature move. To provide our content on the matter. Otherwise we would be just a registration mark. This post will eventually become relevant, retrospectively – as it is already linked to Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. The people here are its cultural management students. The first thing with regard to our story is the moment when they enrolled themselves to this course and got accepted in it. As they already are the school’s students, the context is clear. When we get this course finished, it establishes a registration mark – a grade. That registration is permanent. It cannot be changed or taken away, unless you decide to raise the grade. However, the mark itself remain. In time, when the whole degree will be completed, it will crown all this. It becomes a whole. All these registration marks together establishes a frame to our story. If we decide to do something else together – it will always return to this root that has been established. Keep this in mind and you are able to be more consistent with whatever you do.

The Essence of the Music BusinessTalking about story root at one of our lectures

The Essence of the Music Business