Here are a few leftovers from the writing process. I will leave them exposed in here before I find a better context or place for them. One could call these Quotations.


Make sure you are willing to accept the by-products which your achievements in the future will bring.

Do not advertise yourself out of the game.

Real success is the desired state of mind.

The know-how is not a synonym for desire.

Whatever you are about to close, do it in such a way there comes no need for re-opening.

Be the part of your story.

Hearsay is not a substitute for the experience.

They gave you the prospects. You give them history.

The turning point is the moment at which all of existence, participation and results will start to work for you.

Good thing about the education and experience is that it comes with understanding the fact that all is not necessary.

Discipline to a certain extent is a virtue. It is always better if today’s decisions will not ruin tomorrow’s opportunities.

It can begin with art, but always ends up with money. – Cynical attention to Management :).

Writing a non-fiction is like figure skating. First, a compulsory program must be completed, followed by a free program.


More quotations is coming in the future as the writing process continues.


® Mika Karhumaa 2017