About Functional Biography


My recent article on uncertainty received a lot of praise. Rarely will I get the same amount of feedback for a single post. Through Facebook alone, the article was read 500 times.

By the way, feel free to visit it, like it, follow it and let your friends know about it. Just type The Essence of the Music Business in the Facebook’s search box and you’ll find me!

Most often my texts are read directly from my website. That Facebook page is a new feature in my communication.

In any case, when the total number of reads rises to several thousands, you may want to write more.

This time one topic is over the other. Functional biography, the term that I started to use, has aroused widespread interest. As well as its relation to the artist’s story, its root and SEO (search engine optimization). This topic is so familiar to me that it’s easy to write about. On the other hand, I am not in a book writing mode now. This makes it a bit more difficult to structure – for consistency between the texts that I have already written.

The functional bio is a topic that’s not properly covered in my books. It has been referred to there, but in a slightly different context. In principle, I could do a completely loose presentation independent of my other texts. However, I do not want to compromise the learning experiences already achieved. I therefore consider it more important to structure in a way that supports my previous production.

Therefore, I will publish that article as soon as it is internally and externally aligned. This may take some time or it will be completed in an instant. Autumn brings with it lectures and this may keep me occupied – at least in some respects. On the other hand, in teaching and interaction with students, structuring tends to develop. So it is with preparation of lectures.

Until then, have a great autumn everyone. Feel free to be in touch if something comes up.


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