Behind the Scenes – Communication and Interaction


Behind the scenes continues with interaction and consideration of all aspects involved. When it comes to music management and one of its sub-categories, artist management – it is important to consider the artist’s perspective. Without artists there are no managers. We got a great guest for this week’s lecture when Jack McConnell from Melba Culp brought with him things that the artist would pay attention when communicating with management. This is exactly what management needs to be aware of in advance.

behind the scene jack mcconnell skype lecture

It may be present, but not inside. For my part, I strive to bring the attendees as close to the actual situation as possible. Everything starts with the communication between the artist and management. There is a communication chain. At the beginning of the relationship, the focus is on getting to know each other, creating common routines and mapping the motives involved. When this stage is reached, the actual work begins.

When introducing artist management, it is extremely important to introduce the things for which the weekly communication exists. Every stage of an artist’s career promotion has two dimensions, the rationality of your own feeds and action and response of the reactions – as if it were simplified. It is kind of a Pokemon Go-game that the artist and the manager play together.

Tracking plays a huge role in all of this. This communication tracks how the artist’s communication reaches and responds the audience and fans. When you add your common goals, that communication lives up to the goal approached. Against this background, the division of labor becomes clear. Communication seeks to find answers to whose individual action makes sense to do and what to do together. Note, the role of the management has changed a lot over the last decade.

The lecture series continues the day after tomorrow. It is absolutely wonderful that Songtrust gave us a permission to use their materials. We get to hear Kato On The Track webinar on what a producer needs to know about copyrights and music publishing. Till then, talk to you soon!

all the students having a communication break