Being a Manager and Music Business Books


Being a manager wasn’t my first choice. Being a manager is something I ended up with. This is the conclusion I had the other day. I have been writing another book recently – something that would better take the modern needs into account. The writing periods are the moments in which you easily exercise self-reflection. For me it happens every time. Completely unintentionally.

My biggest question over the past few years has been – what is it that the manager really needs to know.

Music business evolves faster than ever before. New ways to make it appear until you have even learned the previous one. This will challenge the management to think accordingly. The best way to prepare to this is to locate the unchanged parts in it. You will become more focused – on the essentials. Although many things develop and renew, some important laws still remain the same. Within such a frame, you can safely evaluate your chances of success, but also the meaningfulness of action. Even in an unknown environment.

Or the artists. The artists take part in their management more frequently. It isn’t the intermediation or facilitation run by a manager alone. We are talking the modern preconditions and their arrangements. In what these tasks still require efforts, it is also the artist we need to prepare the same. How to allocate all the resources so that the goal will be achieved. Even with their new, not yet present chances.

The thing I have paid attention is the details. Especially for everything new. When NFT’s came, its business opportunities were presented in very detail. This is all natural – to learn more. Next, the metaverse  and their chances. They are thousands unless more. However, it is good to know that in terms of management, too many details may be harmful. When they are tangled properly, it is possible that the original idea will remain less noticeable. Even if all these details are important, you should be able to include the management within them. This is the thing that challenges a music business book writer.

My books are alike that only a manager can write them. I always try to keep balance between details, the technical presentation and its management, the tactical side. If that part is missing from the music business book, it is the first thing to take note. You need to establish it on your own, by reflecting the details you just got. With this new book to come, I have tried to embrace these unchanged parts of the music business as much as possible. It seems that they provide a frame to include the management within the text. This, in turn, makes the other books or writings around the music business more understandable. You are able to focus on the essentials, all the time.

In a meanwhile, you might find this book interesting. It’s kind of a precondition for this new book to happen.

It takes a manager to write this book.