It Takes One To Know One


We all know that like-minded people get along together. It is extremely inspiring when it originates from your own ‘initiative’. This kind of connection enables the dynamics and intensity what it takes to perform well in the modern music industry.

One of the guidelines to myself is not to advertise my services too much. Although I publish books and manage artists on a regular basis, I don’t like to be pushy. It is always best if people find me. They get to know me as result of their own search, they may have heard this from others, followed you on socials or some other appearance has made them to make a contact. Of course I am making efforts to better distribute the information about myself, but it isn’t the primary objective. The aim is more to provide prior information about the things I do. So that you could already know what to expect before making that call.

It’s been a while since I started this and many years to make this happen. It is nice to realize this main goal of mine has reached the target. Almost every new contact I get is a bespoke thing. The modern artists, more often, already know who they are and what they are after. That helps my work a lot. In what we were dealing with the basics or construction of entire business before, today these quests are almost without exception related to the next sensible step. The artists like to know how we, background executives, see them. And what can we give. They are looking for our professional opinion of what they could do next. Of course the overall construction of one’s career is still an issue, but not in the way like before.

For example, the artist may already have an organized operation. While you are doing something daily, you may become blind for it. These are the moments where you need additional eyes and ears. Today’s online presence is a great feature – you can easily find the things that can be done better, or if something is missing there. That’s where I step into the picture. I like the way also the artists know this – the questions they ask can be very precise. A few weeks ago, Mikko Heino from Rylos called me. He told me that some of their operations aren’t functioning as they have hoped for. A deeper look into their activities expressed the reason right away. It wasn’t even a big thing, but enough to cause that distraction. We will now spend the next three months to fix that problem – that’s what modern music business is about. Some of the things we can correct immediately, while with some other things, it requires time to get settled.

It is nice to know a little bit more about Rylos and their music.