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Well. With the new book, it is always the compulsory promotion process you need to run. For the first part of this book series – it will begin to be done. I decided to write my first blog. Just let the thoughts fly. Writing a blog is different from writing a book, so please forgive my clumsiness. I am not even sure if this is a blog. That’s just something I am striving for.

Last time I have reached the international level – that happened with my bands – as a part of the management. I must admit that I had forgotten how rewarding all this can be. Being able to interact with people interested in the same subject is the thing.  As a manager, I enjoyed the most of the moments that took place in the interim. In those times people are inclined to change their affections more enthusiastically than at other times. Maybe that’s because they are on the same boat. When successful performances have been made on the tour, it is so tangible. Music business, in the eyes of the manager, or a lawyer is very independent – so is writing.

There are moments when I enjoy my own company. I get some time to parse things and write them down. The manager years reflected the constant hurry – but I enjoyed it. Now, when the focus is more on writing and preparing for lectures, the mind needs some stimulus, in the same way as in the times of urgency it longed for peace.

Changing the writing language to English was a successful solution. Music is an international phenomenon and so is also business within it. For years I have been asked to change the writing language in English. I cannot say why I had not done this before. Perhaps it has been more natural in Finnish to provide the text to a Finnish publisher as a wish to get it sometimes translated into English. There are no big changes to get a publishing agreement for books in foreign language here. That was my luck. In my previous production there were so many national aspects that it would not have been valid for international supply. If I wanted to write in English, I had to learn it myself.

This opened a whole new window. Earlier, I was forced to target the information to national needs. If I am completely honest, it limits a lot of expression. I could hardly write about personal experiences, which as a manager and legal advisor, I have come across in twenty years. I was dealing with a number of foreign publishers during the writing process. The interest became surprisingly much, even more than I had imagined. I do not know what happened then, there was nothing wrong with the offers. Somehow the opportunity offered by Amazon seemed to be more natural for the first book. Then the risks would entirely up to me and nobody would have any financial expectations for the newcomer. When writing this blog, my decision still seems good. I do not mean that I would not conclude a publishing agreement in the future. I mean by this that this freedom allows the production and structure of production in such a way that it is possible to put it precisely on the content it wanted to tell.

Now that the first part of my book series has been published I got the necessary additional information about what else to write. I have been able to discuss with other writers and hear their thoughts on the subject. Reader feedback has become more than ever, for which I am extremely grateful. When I started this process, I did not exactly know what others are doing. I had to do the weights according to the assumptions – the things that I thought were of interest to the people of music business. In many places I was right but three chapters of the second part went new because others have already written better on the same subject. When you know the supply, you also notice your strength. In the future, I know more about what I should write and where I have something new to offer. What I am trying to say, I enjoy writing more than ever. Thank you for that. When that second part will be released later this year, it will probably be the third part. Music business is a far-reaching phenomenon.

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