Understand the Strategic Side of the Music Business


In its true essence, Friday seems to be a day for a good strategy. At least when it comes to successful writing. Somehow, after just over five years of regular writing, lecturing and mentoring – it is getting ready. Intact. The whole trilogy. Although the subject area is broad, it will have more narrow view the more you learn to understand it.  You also learn to understand yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses. Sooner or later, you begin to focus on the essentials how to make it happen.  This information is relevant to the strategies you use. And this year it is having a Second Edition.

Understand the Strategy on the Screen








When I started this writing, it really didn’t know what I wanted, or more precisely, what I wanted in it. Even though this is an update, the previous edition is good enough. Each edition has its own emphasis. Especially with this. This is the one book I will always write (including updates) as prima vista, trying to capture the moment. The method will best take into account the trends that prevail at the time of writing. At the same time there will also be an estimated future, even if it cannot be known. In any case, from the strategic point of view it is important how to prepare, anticipate and create required prerequisites, which are discussed several times in the book. Not to mention interacting, congruent or divergent motives that may be associated with the operations you do. In its own way – it’s about managing the space – you cannot always control the situation, but you can control your mind.

The Second Edition received 200 corrections or improvements and more than ten additional pages. I will not reveal the exact number of pages until the layout is completed. The nonfiction book is characterized by the fact that it usually gets better with the Second Edition. It has already met its audience and the author has distanced himself from the traces of the first contact. It can be viewed more objectively. I believe that the corrections now made, with their new considerations shed more light to the strategic perspectives.