What to Know (About my Production)


Here are a few things to my affiliations that come up regularly. I thought it was important to write about them.


Correspondence with readers on books begins to be extensive. It is not limited to readers alone. I am in daily contact with artists, managers, record labels, agents, music publishers and other companies in the field. Part of this is due to my work as a manager. However, quite often speech turns to my books. It is understandable – because of the attractiveness of the subject, not just because I have written those books.

The amount of Pages

Because the books are written with free narration, they contain a lot of pages:). The total number of pages in these three books is 525 pages. This is not to be frightened of. There are a lot of examples and that is why books can be read quickly. Despite the easy narrative, each book contain keywords and basic concepts. This the essential part of understanding. Terms that can be difficult to open are explained in a way they can be embraced. On the other hand, these terms can be hard to emphasize in some places – especially in the books. I have been able to supplement this deficiency in lectures, of course. The best outcome always takes place in bilateral discussions.


I have achieved results with my readers, not only in theory but also in practice. Multiple recording agreement negotiations and other career advancement have begun as a result of our discussions -some of them also come to an agreement.

For example, the book on contracts have become a lot of praise. It has helped readers to understand the law in the field. It also helps to understand the backgrounds of things. Instead, ‘Philosophy‘, is a book that has been specifically taken by artists. It is found on the gig bus of numerous artists. I receive messages daily, how it has helped them in implementing their plans. Then this last part – Strategy. It has been taken as a study book, in several universities and other music business-oriented institutions. Nevertheless, the best results are obtained by a combination of a written material and related communication.

Basic Concepts

Any process can be understood by basic concepts. They have a similar meaning as functions have in mathematics. They can be used to assess priorities and relevance. At some stage, a particular action is more important than the other. When it is done, the weights also change. Each feed is followed by a response that again controls what should be happen next.

Each of us has a story. The story also reveals the goals of action. If the goals are made a top notion, there are necessities to do. The goal cannot be achieved without doing what is necessary to achieve it. In a business sense, quite often we are dealing with the accumulation and enabling of passive income. On the narrative side, we want to stick with consistency.

Although all of this has been dealt with in detail throughout the trilogy, finishing is easier when each structurally important concept is opened apart. Thus, the connection between them can  be better understood. The basic concepts of the field are unique chess pieces on the board where the action takes place. The question of what, for example, a driver, necessity, consistency, passive and active income, your career claims or story in different contexts, is of great importance for understanding the matter.


You are probably reading my thoughts – why not do the same in a more general level. For everyone, not only for those who have approached me. I will therefore seriously considering Youtube channel for this purpose. Summer is a good time to think about implementation – what kind of content it would be looking for. Anyway – the title will be – how to read my books. Some things are more important to others, even if they affect each other. Video is a good way to highlight these points.



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