New Year 2021


Happy New Year to Everyone! I hope you are all doing fine. This is my tradition and fashion to welcome the new year.

The publication year 2021 looks interesting. Last autumn’s lecture series at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences sparked a variety of ideas. From the very first lectures I noticed that we are dealing with a new way of understanding the music business. Therefore, as on a structural level. Due to the activity of the students, I feel obliged to make a book about it. Duty though is a wrong expression here – it’s really about joy.

There will be several releases from the artists I represent coming this year. At least Delta Enigma, Melba Culp, Annika Nord and IRENE are releasing new material this year. Nevertheless, it gives room for writing. We have been doing groundwork throughout last year to make this year easier. We have got to know each other better, and there’s no need to take a meeting on every issue :).

In addition, more lectures are coming. Hopefully at some point the world will be open up again and we can do them live as well.

However, I am pleased to announce that this family will receive an increase when The Essence of the Music Business 4 – Artist Management goes into production. I haven’t started writing it yet as The Essence of the Music Business:Strategy needs a little update. Once this taken out from below, it is time for a new publication.

All you need to know about the music business in 2021

I want to tell you about the gift I received. I got a box of chocolate like this from Songtrust. Such a lovely gesture from them. I will use this as a prize. Whenever I successfully add a section to a book, I take one piece. There are 14 pieces in the box. I’ll let you know afterwards whether the writing happened faster or slower than before.

New Year's Box of Chocolate

Take care there and stay safe!