Second Edition of Philosophy – Publication Info

Finally I can make an official announcement! The publication date is settled and the pre-sale started. Second Edition is available on August 5th through Amazon  and Google Books. It is already available for academic libraries on EBSCO because of their next semester needs.

Second Edition of The Essence of the Music Business:Philosophy


Back Cover –

‘This modern classic of music business books has received a second edition. The fully revised piece delves even deeper into the most important insight of modern music management – the endearing inter-dependence between the artist and the manager. In accepting this, it is possible to achieve strategically sustainable results – also in terms of music.

The music industry is an artist-centered business environment. Many operations are the result of an artist’s management or the artist themselves managing initiatives or reactions. This book deals with the environment and practices affecting it. Where the first volume of this book series dealt with agreements, this second part represents the realities and themes generally perceived to be worth pursuing.

The first volume intended to understand agreements, whereas in this book we try to understand the artist. Knowledge of the music industry is central. Reciprocity and understanding the needs of others is a cornerstone to successful operations. When the artist’s management and other background forces are able to imagine themselves in the artist’s position, it is easier to relate their own activities towards achieving common goals. On the other hand, when an artist understands their affiliates’ and their needs, it is easier for them to accept the measures they have to take.

The author of this book has had an over two-decade career as an international artist manager and legal advisor. His first book was considered widely throughout the world. This second volume deals with the same topic from another perspective. Although it is specially targeted for artists and managers, it is also suitable for general information needs. The book is well suited also for educational use.

The philosophy typical of Karhumaa, in which the latest innovations are presented on top of traditional laws, has taken on a more refined form. Add to that the insights gained from 25 of experience in the field and you have in your hands a 185-pages package of mere essentials’.


  • There’s a little bonus in this. How Delta Enigma relates to all this, become clear on 5th August.
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