4 Year Anniversary


Hi everybody,

It’s been four years since I opened this site. Many things has happened and water flowed in the river:). It is incredible that this is the case now. Two books have been written along with all the practice. It took a surprising amount of time. It’s not about writing in every hour, but the reactions that those books produced. A few moths ago I thought this is it, I mean writing around this same subject. But what still. The idea of a third book came as a flash from the bright sky. Throughout this year I have been responding to the reader’s feedback, made assignments related to it and also traditional management has been practiced. Partly that thought, thus, came from those lectures, assignments and readers. In general, background strategies and the exploitation of social media seems to be at the moment of greatest interest. Because my previous production has introduced this industry generally, it is time to move on to the strategic perspectives. Therefore, ‘Strategy’ was chosen as the subtitle of the third book.

Even if the next book is to complete the trilogy, I no longer make a promise not to write any more:). All this has brought nice by-products and follow-ups, not to mention that relation between theory and practice makes it more enjoyable. Meeting new people as well, which I have had an access, make this very rewarding.

The image below will be attached by at the request of the public:). I wish everyone a great summer and let’s enjoy every second of it.


four year anniversary press photo mika karhumaa