A Few Topical Words About Online Presence


A strong online presence is the foundation of your entire operation. In the advent of wider adoption of artificial intelligence, information regarding online presence is more topical than ever. What makes it topical is its multi-layered and impactful reflection.  When built correctly, it protects, supports, coordinates, or streamlines your activities. Online presence isn’t just a modern CV; it’s also an outward indicator of your proficiency in the field. A professional can assess your expertise within seconds. Therefore, we must also be strategically topical; it’s not enough to have technically sound online presence.

Every attribute, aspect, or any distinguishing factor associated with you contributes to your digital identity through the identifiers you’ve constructed – or, otherwise created about you. If you haven’t nurtured this legacy, someone else might have defined that portrayal for you. In a public profession, such as the music business, essentially, anyone can write about you, mention you in a publication, or otherwise comment on your actions. When such information is published, the digital realm takes note of it, and it begins to impact your online presence. This, in itself, is a reason to invest in it – you want to take control of information concerning yourself. The first topical consideration relates to third-party platforms.

In the music industry, from artists to other influential figures, it’s crucial to be connected to both industry-specific and commonly used promotional channels such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to mention a few. That information is placed on platforms managed by third parties, which you oversee through your own account. Whenever you include information about yourself that you want the digital realm to understand, you are constrained by the current features, rules, and other protocols of these platforms. However, a place where you can more freely produce online presence is your own website. There, you can manage content with much more autonomy.

From a business perspective, digital revenue streams in the industry are vital. Regardless of the role you occupy and preferably being on the receiving end of these revenues, it’s crucial that all information is accurately registered, your involvement acknowledged, and overall, the content and quantity of data align with the requirements for payment. If this isn’t the case, there’s a risk that payments, either in full or partially, may not be received.

Those aforementioned examples represent the technical aspect of the same issue. However, understanding how information related to you actually impacts different audiences within the music business requires field expertise and experience in tasks performed there. I often discuss in my books and lectures how modern management resembles screen writing. This is because it is increasingly implemented in the digital realm, aiming proactively to influence the outcome and people’s perceptions of us and our operations. This contemporary task set is one of the most challenging aspects of modern management. While previously everything was done and confirmed physically – within the reach of our senses – now all of this occurs on your own computer, where its effects either manifest as desired or undesired outcomes in the digital realm.

Should this brief article have piqued your interest or if you wish to assess the state of your online presence, feel free to reach out. I can take a look on your behalf and enhance it in a direction that strategically aligns with your desired goals. This demand is more topical than ever and carries the impact initiated by passive promotion. Your online presence and its associated passive promotion are assets that you want to nurture. Before you can benefit from its various features, you need to establish it.

This article is crafted to address this need. If you wish to delve deeper into the topic, read this book. However, if you desire your online presence and its foundation to be built in a way that supports your strategic goals, feel free to reach out. I have done this for numerous artists, an ever-growing number of music industry professionals, and also for various other fields.

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