Articles and Autumn


A few questions have came up during this autumn. I have received inquiries to write new articles. It is great to realize you guys like to read these. However, there’s a logical reason to my silence.

I started writing the third and the last part of The Essence of Music Business books this summer. It has taken an exceptional amount of time, even though writing has proceeded well. Because this is the final part of the series, I wanted to engage with it even more. The book should summarize the first two, but still provide a new content. Maintaining such a thought structure is a full-time job. Writing loose articles is so difficult in the middle of this process that I haven’t been able to complete a single one. I do have material for those yes, but it is this structuring. When this finishing period is over, more articles are naturally coming.

When writing a book, it produces a material that cannot be used in the book. These texts I have a lot. However, I find it important that the same consistency requirement applies to these texts too – as it is with the books. If I would to add them here, I would probably fix them later. There is also another reason. The fear that some ingenious thought gets forgotten. That is always a possibility if I start to focus something else. Therefore the book goes ahead of the articles here.

The second question leads to the previous one. My release timetable may seem a bit absurd – three books in less than two years. It would be so, but I started this job four years ago. It takes time before a large number of texts is given a structure and perspective to be used. When I came up with the idea – how the things should be presented, the rest of the process has run smoothly.

An extraordinary number of lectures have been booked for the autumn. That is another reason why I cannot be active in the same way with articles. I hope you understand it. When the breaks so allow, I will add these articles again.

Have a Nice Autumn Everyone!

Articles are springing out from these books.