Behind the Scenes – Lectures and Practice


Behind the scenes continues. This story came to my mind as I began preparing for the next week’s lectures. There will be two of them in two different locations. Professionally, I like the changing audience around the same topic. Such a shift between consecutive days challenges the teacher.

I generally don’t like to give same lectures all the time. This is why I use my books as a basic course material. Some things are easier to go through by reading, while others belong primary to lectures. The students, and no wonder, they like examples and the most concrete ones. When you can drop them in a consistent way, a four-hour lecture will not feel so heavy. When the homework is done well, it is easier to make targeted refinements and focused questions with lectures. The dynamics of a successful lecture is due to the fact that both the teacher and students are prepared well. One of the qualities of a good teacher is to facilitate this preparation.

I am constantly developing my set and lectures are the best place to test how my methods work. Everything starts with the interaction. It is surprising how the learning is only rarely completes within a lecture. The lectures give seed to the matter with lecture intervals being an interesting spot. During those hours, my role is being a coach more than a teacher. How I communicate with the students – so that the lectures get a better understanding.

The next ratio is telling its own truth. If the total hours of lectures per semester is somewhere between 60-70, this mentoring rate is almost 400. The good thing about it is that it can be practiced almost anywhere. Already in my early days as a manager, I traveled with my artists whenever I could. During those journeys the greatest development took place, for all of us. We had to face ever-changing situations together and we also learned from each other. It is quite natural that I do the same with my students.

My previous post had pictures from Seinäjoki. Now it is time to meet the students of Arcada University of Applied Sciences. As important the lectures, so are professional meetings. Here’s a little throw back before the next one is up.

lectures visit fair with international students
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