Behind the Scenes – Lectures


These behind the scenes stories have become the most interesting part of my communication – if readers are asked. I have this before, right? I thought I’d write them whenever I got the point. Here’s one of such – this time from the lectures.

Every now and then you get to participate something great. It is all about the presence, or the dynamics of the group. The picture below is from the yesterday’s lecture – the third of total seven we do. The subject is, of course, the music business and this time the story of the artist and its relation to the SEO (search engine optimization).  Given that it is a multi-faceted entity and at times a difficult subject to grasp, we received a well-analyzed set of related issues and opportunities.

However, this is not the reason why I am writing this story. No – this is about atmosphere that students at their most receptive can create. I travel five hours for each lecture – one lecture trip takes ten hours. With seven sessions in month and a half, it will naturally require physical efforts too.

It may sound heavy although it’s not. Not even a close. Every professional lecturer knows what it means when you know you are expected. It inspires you in the same way you hope to inspire the people you talk.

One picture is a worth thousand words. I hope it conveys the spirit we had in the classroom at Seinäjoki.

We still have fours sets to go. Skype is a great invention as we get Jack McConnell, the lead singer and guitarist of Melba Culp in the next lecture. With him, we’ll go through the things the artist and their manager handles every day – what are those things they communicate about. Against this background, it is easier to reflect the student’s own bands and their operative advancement.

Remember, preparation is a professional way to become ready when needed!

The Essence of the Music Business