Behind the Scenes – Story Goes On


These behind the scenes stories have been asked a lot. Here’s one more. It’s been three and a half years since Annika Nord called me. Se was a troubadour at the time – dreaming of a career as a real artist.

When I went to see her perform for the first time, some thing captivated me. I don’t know exactly what it was.  She was so present. When we finally met in Person and started to talk in more detail, her work ethic was the thing I paid attention to. We weren’t talking about Management in any way – meetings and communication however, started to become regular. At first we went through a plan on how to move from a cover artist to an interpreter of your own production. It’s not always easy – especially if an artist is doing cover gigs at 150 gigs a year. It gets heard there, but easily identified as an interpreter of others’ production.

However, we decided to take advantage of that forum. Annika had her own songs, one at a time being included in the program. A large number of gigs allows repetitions. Gradually people started to get used to the few songs she had on the repertoire.

The reception encouraged us to think more. We started thinking about the story, the message that would hit Annika as an artist. The way she wanted to present herself to the public. In the summer of 2017, we decided to start writing lyrics for Annika’s upcoming repertoire – although my role was to be more of a mentor. Annika had six booklets full of different lyrics she had written over the years. Then on that kitchen table we started finishing them one by one.

I was getting married that fall and Annika was the natural choice to be a performer at our wedding. The wedding guests were also accompanied by other artist acquaintances of mine. I heard them start planning on the terrace so they could perform together, Annika as their soloist. Thus, this appearance was in no way pre-planned. The original intention was that Annika would have performed as a troubadour. Our guests had taken their own instrument and audio along without us knowing it.

When chemistry meets, it inspires. Originally a two-song performance turned into a three hour show in our living room. We had a crazy atmosphere here and the following week Annika travelled to the band’s studio. At that very moment, Annika Nord as a band was born.

You can only imagine the feeling. Well over two years from that moment, we are sitting around the same kitchen table where we started to work on the lyrics. The first full-length album is coming out in spring 2020.


behind the scenes artist and manager talking