The Essence of the Music Business – Philosophy


‘The Essence of the Music Business – Philosophy’ has left to the proof-reading. The first manuscript of the book was already available when the first part – ‘Contracts’ – was released. However, I wanted to see the reaction that the first part is generating. Good that I did this. I soon noticed that a few points required clarification. I added three chapters, based on the reader feedback – topics that seemed to be a lot of interest.

The pages came a bit more than in the first part. If I am quite honest, I did not think that the first part gets such wide attention. When writing it, I assumed the reaction time was longer – there would be no hurry. I did not think that the book was found so fast.

People read their books fast. This created a little hurry to the second part. Fortunately, the structure already existed. The first part was intended to be an introduction to this sequel. The aim was to provide adequate legal background information for the sequel’s perspectives and analyzes. That is why I am trying to publish the second book as soon as possible. The contents of the first book will be opened in a completely new light. It is made to supplement the book number one. Even though I will be introducing a different kind of terminology, The Essence of the Music Business – Philosophy is written so that the problems and their effects can be located and found in both of the books. Management and understanding this business is a multi-dimensional maze where it is easy to get lost. Comprehensive understanding makes it easier to fix the details and locate the problems. For this purpose these books are made.


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