Fall 2020 – Lectures and Mentoring


There are many things happening this fall. The Essence of the Music Business books have spread across the globe. It is four years since the first one was published. A Second Edition of the first two parts has already been made and update of the third is coming next fall. As a result, this all brought with it various follow-ups. The most popular of there are by far the lectures and mentoring I provide to artists, managers and other music business operatives.

One of the biggest challenges for this year was getting the remote workspace ready by the fall. In my case, 100 percent of the work happens remotely. That’s what it seems to be now – a new normal. Fortunately this summer offered a short break from this all-encompassing scourge and I got the workers safely on site. In July-August we got these facilities completed. It makes this fall possible.

From this stage it will then take place this fall. I can’t miss including before and after pictures. You can see what kind of place this was a few months ago. Quite a make over!

The stage waiting for the fall's lectures
The Stage waiting for the Fall’s lectures and mentoring
The stage under renovation prior the fall's lectures

I am particularly excited about the up-coming artist-management course in October-November – for which I have had great guests. When the size of the lectures alone is 28 hours, it can be included all the relevant. Plus assignments and mentoring.

To that every fall question. Whether there’s still room for these mentoring. The answer is yes. I make no distinction between different genres i.e no matter what genre you represent.

And indeed, each mentoring is unique. A more advanced version of mentoring is strategic consulting – even though I don’t much like the word consulting:). I have recently had a very interesting collaboration in Los Angeles, together with Prince Ayo Ajisebutu. We have mapped out modern ways to bring out independent and up-and-coming artists even better – on terms of their story. I has been rewarding to work with a man who has worked e.g with Youssou N’dour.

As many of you have already noticed, you can found me also on Linkedin. Feel free to connect!

May You all have a Great Fall and Stay Safe!