Final Course of the Year


This has been a great course – not only because of the subject, but the people. Given that we haven’t been able to meet each other, but from the distant, we learned how to work as a team. A lot has happened during these eight weeks. One might think that the charge will weaken in the wake of a four-hour remote lessons. Or that everything is a mere theory. No, it didn’t happen this time. We let the story and necessities be our course. We grew along the way according to where the material at hand led us. We let our guests bring the extra boost at the moments our imagination met their limits. This course could have continued no matter how long. It is about the management and intercession know-how after all.

Music Business Management Course Running at SeAmk






In reality – all this gave rise to a completely revamped The Essence of the Music Business:Strategy. The first three times we went on our own, got to know each other and our ways of working. We worked between lectures in our social media group and analyzed the delivery of the lectures. After this introduction ran its course, it was time to welcome our awesome guests Annika Nord, Delta Enigma, and Melba Culp. They brought practicality to the course – presenting their current situation.

Mika Karhumaa's Music Business Management Course





As we set out to consider their next moves – we found ourselves thinking about co-management. The artists taught the students their own tricks and the students, enlightened by it, presented their own development strategies. Quite many of these proposals were doable. Some of them decided to be implemented immediately. Even in the management – it is important to be able to think outside the box – to get an external view. Now it was the students who provided it.

Today we had the last session – to evaluate the course. It was great that everyone wanted to be involved. That’s not all. It’s best to save the best for the last. The day began with the lecture by Mandy Aubry from Songtrust – about music publishing. This, in some places difficult subject, became an easy-to-understand whole when presented by a professional this level.

Final Course of the Year at SeAmk