Introducing Chione


I am happy about a certain event. I’ve been listening to Chione’s Bohemian for over a year now while I go jogging. I must admit it also took me a while to connect the music to the artist. Otherwise, I would have reacted to this even faster. When I realized she already was in my contacts, I began to contemplate a potential collaboration. The idea has been lingering in my mind ever since. However, I couldn’t find a sensible reason to reach out. Many managers can relate to this. Collaboration should always start organically – initiated by a valid reason. Additionally, it requires a vision – where to start and why.

Running is a place for me to combine and coordinate thoughts. When I started putting together that management patrol of ours, I had a specific lineup of artists in mind. Most of them, as I already mentioned, were artists I had collaborated with before.

Every time I went for a run, Chione came back to my mind. I started to chew on the idea of having her as part of this lineup. I decided to reach her out, and when I heard about her future plans, I realized she was a piece of this puzzle.

For those who are not yet familiar with Chione, she has already made an impressive career.

I would like to quote a passage from her website;

Chione writes and performs melancholic pop. She released her first singles ”Light” and ”Uninvited” in August 2018. Chione has studied music at the Point Blank Music School in London and at the Laajasalo Opisto in Helsinki, specialising in vocals. She composes all of her songs including the lyrics. During 2020 she released the singles ”Hey You!”, ”Highway” and ”Bohemian”.

The songs were well received and are regularly played on the radio in Finland and the UK. You can watch the official video of ”Bohemian” on
Youtube. The fantastic visuals were co-produced by Advertising Agency Haaja and filmed at Kulttuurikellari in Savonlinna. All of Chione’s songs have been produced at Guru Studio in Joensuu by Heikki Marttila of the band Stella.

The latest single ”Paradise” is now available to listen on Spotify and other streaming sites. It gained a place on Spotify’s New Music Friday list and was played on the radio several times. A new single ”Polar Night” will be released on the 10th of November 2023. Chione plays
live with a full band and also does an acoustic set with just guitars.

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Introducing a prominent Finnish artist Chione