Introducing Marilyn Reles-Lozano


When lecturing, one question always keeps popping up: “How did you meet in the first place?”

Because it’s always a pleasure to talk about collaborators, this time I want to introduce Marilyn Reles-Lozano, the CEO of Present PR. I’ve been working with her for a year now. She’s both a returning guest lecturer at my courses at the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, and a vital part of IRENE’s international team.

I got to know Marilyn in 2018 when assessing music business agreements in a particular project. Music PR is not the easiest part of the music industry. I still remember how Marilyn introduced the case with an analytical approach and brilliant questions. Ever since, I’ve witnessed her switch from management to PR, being able to take both perspectives into account.

Last year, as we were making improvements and expanding the international reach of our Management and Intermediation Skills in the Modern Music Business studies at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, I remembered Marilyn’s analytical approach addressing different topics. I began to think that she would be a perfect fit to teach some of the aspects of PR for our students. When she eventually took the stage, it seemed like she had already been lecturing for years. I couldn’t believe my ears when she told me that this was her first time. Now, after a few courses, Marilyn’s lectures are among the most highly anticipated ones.

As usual, great collaborations tend to expand naturally. When IRENE and I were discussing the campaign of her next release, we decided to introduce the case to Marilyn – we knew that she would analyse the possibilities and help us pinpoint the most ideal angles. After a great brainstorm over Zoom, we knew that Marilyn would be our go-to person. Now, as we speak, IRENE’s next release ”Gatekeeper” is about to see the light of the day and the campaign is off to a good start.

What I love about purposeful team-building is that it creates meaningful outcomes on many levels. During the past six months, Marilyn and IRENE have become regular guests on my lectures. We get to share real-life examples, sometimes even ongoing at the same time. This transparency allows our students to follow every significant operation phase, from planning to execution, not to mention the strategic considerations. Such an approach further emphasizes the preparation of university studies for the actual worklife – and the skills needed for it. This is what I consider authentic sourcing of relevant information. Not only is it surely accurate but also equally available for all students.

The content of our teaching is evaluated through four criteria. Every piece of content must be natural, effortless, and meaningful. When mutual consistency is applied on top, the result is organic teaching material. Marilyn’s involvement contributes to these standards in all levels.

Here she is. More lectures with her are scheduled for May.

Marilyn Reles-Lozano from Present PR in the picture.

© Kimberly Rensburg