Music Business Management Studies 2023


Hello there! It’s January again. It means that our music business management studies will begin at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

I want to wish Happy New Year to all of you. In addition – I want to welcome all of our new music business management students to this course. This course is my absolute favorite. Just like the last time, we will start this music business management course with introduction – along with its modern basics.

This is the fifth time this course will be arranged – online and through Teams. You do not have to be a university student to attend the course. It is available on our Open University offering. Just enroll yourself in and get ready for the content!

Music business management is something that evolves all the time. We have taken this into account in our studies. The course has been reserved a room to find its shape in peace. Each course make it better in the future.

I know the registration time for the course is already expired. The good news is that there’s more to come! For those not able to attend the next course – there’s a book available.

The Art of Music Business Management – For Artists & Managers is a book that’s specifically written for the course. You can buy it easily on Amazon, for example. For academic use, the book is available on EBSCO. Remember, the purchasing librarian will have an access for a review.

Music Business Management course uses this book in their studies at SeAMK.

The course’s guest lecturer roster is an impressive list to read. We have IRENE, Sam Tall from Studio71, or Marilyn Reles-Lozano from PresentPR, to mention a few. It is typical for our studies that guest lecturer roster updates over the course. You’ll never know who will be attending our lectures.

Although the course’s language for now is both Finnish and English – in the future, the course will be arranged solely in English. This is one of the reasons you should follow this page regularly. It is possible that the next course will be arranged soon again. This is the site you will get the information first.

Music management can be found in this book