On March 28th it is available – The 2nd Edition


On March 28th, it’s finally happening! The Art of Music Business Management – for Artists & Managers is getting its highly anticipated Second Edition. With nearly 50 additional pages, the book has been completely revised. March 28th is a wonderful day to release a book – I finally get to have a book published fairly early in the year for once.

This edition embodies the experiences I’ve gained while teaching and managing artists. Additionally, a second edition is a thrilling milestone for any author – it has already met its audience. I believe you, as the reader, will appreciate the improvements it has received. In a time when artificial intelligence is increasingly integrating into our daily lives, management must adapt accordingly. At least in some aspects.

Here’s the revised back cover as it appears on the book;


Karhumaa’s seventh book introduces artist management from an unprecedented perspective. Modern artist management can be divided into three compartments. When these are presented to you and reflected onto a transparent wall, you see things from a manager’s point of view. Through this, you’ll see the four audiences of the music industry. This is the scene, the areas of action, where all of this takes place.
This framework has been developed for today’s rapidly evolving world. It travels with you everywhere. Whatever you need to do, invest in understanding this framework and start taking action. This book teaches you how to utilize it.

Modern artist management is increasingly taking place in the digital realm and resembles screenwriting. As technology evolves, introducing new features almost daily, the management needs to adapt swiftly. This book discusses how success can be achieved in navigating this task.
The book is intended for all professionals in the industry. Management is a topic that touches all of us in one way or another. The book is particularly well-suited for educational purposes.

A manager needed to write this book. The author has three decades of experience in multiple capacities. Mika Karhumaa is a music business manager – specializing in artist management and contracts & copyright. He lectures on the subject and acts as a strategist in many industrial operations.

As already said, the book is out on March 28th. From then on, it will be available on Amazon, Google Play Books, and many other retailers – and of course, for academic use, you can find it on EBSCO and Ellibs.

The Art of Music Business Management - For Artists & Managers - 2nd Edition, 2024 - will be out on March 28th! It is then available on Amazon, Google Play Books, EBSCO, Ellibs and many other distributors.