One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Every now and then you get to participate in something great. The picture below is from our recent lecture – the third of total seven we do. The subject is, of course, music business – this time the story of the artist and the online presence associated with it.  Given that the case in hand is a multi-faceted entity and at times a difficult subject to grasp, we received a well-analyzed set of related information.

One picture is a worth thousand words
© Inkeri Autio







However, this is not the reason why I’m writing this story. No – this is about the atmosphere that students at their most receptive can create. Despite these unprecedented times and the limitations it may create, energy released flowed here. And yes – it is all reciprocal. Every lecturer knows how it feels to be in it.

One picture is worth a thousand words. I hope the picture conveys the mood from the ‘classroom’ we had through Teams. I, too, thought that a four hour lecture with 40 students might be hard to keep interesting. How wrong I was. Of course it would great to have a live audience, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these remote connections. In the same way, these are real encounters.

We still have four sets left. We are excited as we are with the whole Delta Enigma in the next lecture. With them, we go through the things how the artist and the manager are running their every day business. Against this background we get closer to the point. We are not doing anything artificial, but this meeting in the form of a ‘lecture’ will deal with the release of the artist’s upcoming single, Venom, and related preparations. At the same time, we lead ourselves to the inherent continuum of the matter. This lecture will be followed by the contribution of Jack McConnell. Melba Culp’s leader will talk about the division of labor between the artist and the manager in modern days. In order to see the big picture, management must be approached from several alternative perspectives. The presence of artists reinforces the message well.