Proofreading of The Essence of the Music Business


Proofreading is an integral part of making a book. I am in a fortunate position because my proofreading is done by a distinguished scientist, Eloise Mikkonen. I remember well the time I was writing my first book. When I got to the point where proofreading became topical, it wasn’t easy to arrange at all.  Every author and every book has its own style – and the ultimate message to convey. It’s not just the text itself, but also the style, rhythm and presentation order. If that connection ceases to exist, there is a danger that the same words could produce a completely different result from what was intended. It is important that the proofreader is able to evaluate the raw text correctly and is able to read the exact meaning behind it.

Eloise was the sixth proofreader to whom I presented my text. She said she would correct a few pages as an experiment and we could see what the finished text would look like. When I saw those pages, I knew immediately she was the right person for the job. She was able to follow the main themes of the book, creating a style for the text that fit my message. It is a great freedom for an author to feel safe already at the writing stage. There is no need to write connotations and explanations – the other can already understand it.

Proofreading session online with Eloise Mikkonen










The Essence of the Music Business: Strategy 2nd Edition, which will be published this year is already our fourth joint operation. I have to admit that these books have became more complete each time. Our collaboration develops and finds new features. We now have many new methods in our ‘toolkit’ to make the text even more understandable. They have evolved along the way.

I find it nice when these behind the scenes stories are constantly asked about. This short story of mine is an ode to proofreading and its meaning. If you are in a similar situation yourself, you should invest in this task – even if it is difficult to find the right one at the beginning. Successful proofreading makes a book experience for the reader as well.