Schedule of Work 2020


I rarely make any New Year’s resolutions. Nor do I base the idea of to-do-lists – a line across when a task is completed.  To-do-list is well-suited to certain-types of activities. In a multi-purpose task like holistic artist management, following one can miss an important variable.

However, I do have a schedule of work and it is reactive. I follow a lot of necessities, things without which the next step is impossible. Schedule of work can infer the goals that are characterized by their redefinition as a result of reactions. The key is to be in a better position than a year ago. One year is a fertile period of time to measure progress. It contains many industrial seasons. For example, when it is a new single to get out in the hope of summer festival performances. Therefore, if any such pre-condition is not achieved, the next time to try the same is next year.

Since I am often asked about my work and what it entails, I decided this year to write my schedule of work for everyone to see. It is not rocket science, but contains many independent and interacting elements.

Of course, the most prominent part of my schedule of work is The Essence of the Music Business- books and the lectures I give around them. It is natural to make news on these topics as they happen to be so dominant area in my life. I have already started writing an add-on to the trilogy – The Essence of the Music Business:Conclusion is under construction. It will be twenty years since I published my first book. It would be great to have a new release this year. So, the new book is the first part of my schedule of work. At least, I am trying to get it written this year, even if it comes out later.

My current contract with Arcada is still in effect for a few months. I have now taught two years in Finland. At the same time, I have got interesting requests abroad. I think I am going to say yes to some of them this year. My affiliations with their restrictions have prevented such visits quite often. They no longer exist. So the track is open in this regard.

However, much more of my time is spent on another task – artist management. I have three artists to work with. In chronological order of appearance they are Melba Culp, IRENE and Gentle Savage. This is the job I do on a daily-basis, each and every hour of the day.

Jack McConnell from Melba Culp contacted a year ago. Their debut single ‘Never Surrender’ was just released. Right from the first conversation with him I noticed that there is something extraordinary here. Discussions with Jack can be long but interesting. I am very pleased with the new generation of artists who participate on their management – in a different way that I have in the past used to. Jack, for example, can be with me in lectures, via Skype. He is very useful help when presenting the dynamics, division of labor and tasks between the artist and management. Jack provides an extra boost of energy there and it really doesn’t bother him even if he has to wake up at 5PM in Texas time. The lectures where I use him take mostly place in Europe. As for the band itself, Melba Culp’s second single, ‘Sheepdog Heroes’, will be the first in this year’s schedule.

And IRENE, my first impression is summer day and her first call. The sun was shining and the only thing I came up with was to walk back and forth in our garden and listen to what she has to say. They say that Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation is one of the nicest person in this industry. Something similar was sensible in this call. As time has gone by and numerous discussions have taken place, we noticed that we had begun cooperation. I am looking forward to the release of her next single, captivating ‘Skybound’.  Her previous single, ‘Nightless’, has garnered respectable streams on Spotify. Skybound will get a video that introduces well the various aspects of this multi-talent artist.

As for Gentle Savage, this is something that just happened. Not two without the third. I had already decided that two new artists would be enough for the year. When this contact with the band’s leader, Tornado Bearstone, came in, I had to make an exception. He said he would come with the whole band here, even though we were 600 miles apart. One cannot but lift a hat!

We both share our attraction to literature, though Tornado has read far more books than I have. This is noticeable when listening Gentle Savage songs. A long sentence inside a song may be followed by a short but revealing and insightful expression. That’s what great lyrics are about. When the skill is there, it also gives repertoire. Gentle Savage is probably best known for their song ‘Karelian Magic’. But there is more to the band. Honey Bunny, due to be released on 16th February illustrates well the multi-faceted presence of talent in their doing. Not everything has to be so serious.

Like I said in the beginning, I like the idea behind the schedule of work. The goal is to be in better position as a year ago. We’ll see what happens with all this. Have a great New Year and talk to you soon!


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