Second Edition from The Essence of the Music Business: Philosophy


It’s time for the Second Edition. Two years of intensive teaching and mentoring is behind now. From now on, it should be a few months of your own. If artist management isn’t counted. Artist management is more of a lifestyle to me than a job. It goes along with everyday life – I think quite a many manager can relate to this easily.

Anyway, second edition is my favorite phase of production. The process of writing a book involves blind spots that the writer is particularly exposed to. It is difficult to take distance during the process. The improvements that always come between writing and editing a book may not be taken into account – at least completely. That’s a weird thing. Even though the book at the time of graduation seems like the best possible outcome, a few months later there will be things that could have been better said.

Philosophy was published less than two years ago. Already half a year after the publication I noticed that my own development did not go with my writing. Ideally, it is transmitted to the text in real time, not with delay. I bet it was due to break in my practice. I wasn’t dealing with artist management as I normally would. This time I am not doing the same and I can prepare for this.

Second Edition of The Essence of the Music Business: Philosophy







Today’s music management is characterized by the fact that it creates new developments in a faster cycle than ever before. This places new demands on the author. It should be able extract the truths that hold their ground in that development but also be prepared for future opportunities and difficulties. Fortunately today, the book is able to be published quite soon after its completion. My books will be published within two weeks of the book coming out of the edit.

As I already mentioned, I allow this second edition to be influenced by the day-to-day management I practice. At the time of writing this book, I’m at least dealing with Melba Culp, Gentle Savage and Delta Enigma. It’s refreshing to get a counterweight and something else to think about. That interaction also makes it possible to locate those blind spots.