The Essence of the Music Business – Updates

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A few things came to mind related to my books and affiliations. The Second Edition of The Essence of the Music BusinessContracts has found its way to many bookshelves. I get a lot of feedback right now, for which I am extremely grateful. Over the past few years, I’ve been having hundreds of conversations with my readers. I don’t know if this is because of my artist manager background – it feels very natural. One of the most important features of the artist manager is to be accessible – when the artist needs it. The lower the threshold to approach, the better.

I would love to show the best feedback I have received – as would be best for book marketing. However, all of this has a personal dimension. I am talking with readers also about other topics than the music business only. For this reason I want to keep confidentiality and not compromise it in any form. It is surprising how little the content of my work has changed from the artist manager to the writer of these books, lecturer and legal adviser. Quite many conversations like these have led to go-to-action in the lives of the readers.

The streaming era changed the job description of the artist manager, at least in some contexts. Strategic social media exercise is nowadays the cornerstone of successful action as we know. All this no longer requires any specific geographic location.

These three books have been written in the order most commonly encountered in the music business. It also facilitates future updates when the subject is approachable from the three different but interrelated perspectives. Since the structure of the book and most fundamental laws are not to be changed all the time, the updates can also be presented where they have the most essential meaning. I believe such a presentation would best serve its purpose. There is no need to read these books in any particular order – they are sufficiently independent. Nonetheless, in the last chapter of this trilogy – Strategy – specifies a lot of things that are dealt with in the first two parts. So, the projected order to read these books would be;

The Essence of the Music Business Philosophy (for beginners)

The Essence of the Music Business Contracts (more advanced)

The Essence of the Music BusinessStrategy (more advanced)

Information on my production issues are constantly added to news updates. For those multiple inquiries – the final chapter of Trilogy will be published in these prospects on May 15-30.

Here’s the back cover;

‘Understanding the importance of strategy is the basis for rational advancement. In the music business – strategies are not always perceptible. They are multi-layered, long-lasting, but also instantaneously effective. The ultimate goal often transpires along the way.

In order to understand tactics, one has to read between the lines. The reason why different pre-conditions and industrial expectations must always be taken into account is due to conflicts between economic and artistic goals. An artist’s progress often depends on their interest groups’ comfort to these aspects and is about maintaining the balance between business objectives and the artist’s story.

This book deals with factors affecting strategy and how it relates to the artist and their management. Since viable passive income generation in the streaming era is what is most sought after, management missions have also changed. Managers, record companies or music publishers are no longer patriarchs as before, but more like partners. This book illustrates the current state in light of new opportunities.’

I hope a really nice Spring time to you all!