The Book’s Publication Date And Its Move Up!


I have some great news! The Art of Music Business Management: For Artists & Managers is published earlier than originally intended. There is a reason I decided to move up the publication.

As so many times before – the book will have a life of its own. When I started to talk about this book earlier this year, also the inquiries started to come. Throughout the year I have received these calls. I take it as a responsibility to follow these leads. When the book then came from the layout, I no longer saw the reason to stay in the original plan. For me the publication date is always an estimate. This time also the process went faster than before.

One thing you should know. My books are always the thing that just happen. I do not plan them in advance. And there’s always a true need to start the writing process. Something that makes the book meaningful. This time it was the development that takes place in the modern music business – with regard to its artist management.

I got the idea of this book when I had a lecturing tour last Fall. One conversation led to another and on my way back home, I realized I have to write this book. I also realized I had to move up some other related tasks. I needed to test the content in advance, the structure I had in mind even required that. Fortunately, there was a course on the horizon waiting, where I could test the theses of the book. When everything ran so smoothly, it’s only logical that the publication follows the same theme. I guess I owe it to this process. That’s another reason for this move up.

The book is available on Amazon as a paperback, hardcover and an e-book. You can also get the e-book on Google Play Books. Many other retailers have made the book available. Just Google the title and find out!

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For academic purposes, there is EBSCO. For the purchasing librarians – there’s a preview option.


The book is also available on Ellibs.


Just choose the appropriate dealer and get your own copy already today!

Publication date move up for The Art of Music Business Management - For Artists & Managers