The Things That Probably Trend in 2023


Some things always trend better than others. One thing is for sure – any trend is never steady. The way I see trend, or trends is – I am interested in meta truths affecting them. Something has made them come up. In a time when uniqueness, or an effort to become one is the thing people are striving for, one attention must be made. You don’t have to slavishly follow the trends to be trendy. No, it’s nothing like that at all.

You may use the alternatives trends give you almost however you want. With some features more stylish than others. Still and however, the most important thing is that how that trend sits into your fashion. Your way of life, your system of values, or how does it sit on your goals.

This is the foundation behind all that you do. It is influenced by passive promotion. Your own digital identity. How it then correlates to the reality, your own goals and the story you want to tell is another thing.

The important question to yourself is to decide, on a case-by-case basis, whether some trend is something you’ll incorporate into your own action. You have a power to decide that. It can be as much as trendy to use something as to completely ignore it. One piece of advice is in place. Be consistent before the foundation of your digital identity is established for the all four audiences.

What all this means to the music business management and the modern version of it. It’s a lot things. You really cannot neglect the planting of passive promotion. It is something that has to exist. If you don’t have it, you do not exist in the eyes of the relevant algorithms. Given that this is one of the most important meta truths today, passive promotion is a trend that it always around.

If you want to read more about this, here’s a book. It will explain everything understandably. Your artist management, or whatever you do in the music business will become easier. You’ll soon understand why!

This chart will trend in 2023 and beyond