This is the moment where the story begin


Another class of the music business management studies onsite. The moment I’ve been waiting for. This music business management course will now be available to all 24 Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. Additionally, you can take part in this course, even if you are not the student of any of these schools. Just go to Campus Online’s site, find the course and register yourself in. We have great guests too! Here’s Timothy Williams.

An impressive moment with Timothy Williams while he is talking about the scores he has made.

There’s a reservation to make. We use both Finnish and English as a course language here. That’s for now. In time, the course will be spoken in English only. It means that there’s will be no linguistic boundaries to join. All you need is the skill of English language.

Yes, the course will be arranged whenever there’s a guest for it. In the future I mean. I take this as an enormous opportunity. To complete the course, you can make it in six weeks. A lecture once a week and finish the final exam. That’s it!

In terms of passive promotion, one of the main topics in this course, the story root (the beginning) is a meaningful moment. The first plug-in is the moment you register to the course. This post that I am now writing is the first physical evidence you are attending this course. All of this culminates in the moment you complete the course. From that moment on, when you get your performance registered, this mark will be permanent and it cannot be taken away from you. It has a huge meaning on Google. We will teach you how to make use of this plug-in in your music business-related endeavors and that’s just one of the topics in this course.

When we switch the angle to our core topic, the music business management and hence, the artists as our operative destination, the viewpoint is a bit different. For the artists, their story root is always their production. At the time of release, the end result gets locked. Afterwards, it will leave a permanent mark of their artistry and Google begins to define them as an artists. That’s another meaningful moment.

In general, this course is about modern artist management. We deal with how to organize artist’s promotion and estate, contracts&copyright in it, but also how the intermediation works in the modern days.

Stay tuned on this site to know when the next course will be arranged!

Also – if you are hungry for more information, this book will help you out!