Happy New Year 2019


Happy New Year to everyone! The year 2018 was more than I could expect – full of interesting encounters, new, accomplished and yet unfilled challenges. Although there has been a pleasant hurry here, I was able to keep two-week break for the end of this year – for writing. You don’t believe how great writing can be. When you get peace of mind to think about things, structure them on paper and let you insights take over your mind.

I started writing an article series on Christmas holidays. I’ll publish it next year. The first one of these deals with the new roles of management in the streaming era.

Lectures and also mentoring are coming at least as much as last year. So will legal and operational assignments. However, this time I would think I would be able to reserve time for writing as well. To be honest, I wasn’t prepared to have so much lectures or other book-related tasks.

One interesting thing about last year is especially in my mind. I have been able to meet face to face surprisingly number of readers. Thank you for your courage to talk. Nothing is better than getting hear from you. It makes writing and everything else more tangible. Thank you also for the good tips I get through the year.

One more thing. Lectures have received many inquiries. Wherever you go, or hear me giving lectures nearby, feel free to contact me. I try to get you on the spot.

About publications. This family will get a new member  next year. The Essence of the Music Business – Strategy has been in proofread for some time and I get corrected version next spring. I would think the novelty interests you, just because of its perspective. Stay connected as before and let’s continue from this.




All the books so far on the couch new year