This Office is Made for Music Business Management


My office is at where you can see a brick wall in the background. When you look at this space more closely, you will find that this is not an office in its true sense of the word. This is a place where I feel good. During the time when a large part of the work can be done only remotely and your participation takes place virtually, the comfort is of primary importance. Although there is +25 degrees Celsius outdoors, this ‘office’ is pleasantly cool. It is easier to think, plan and implement.

Office view from Author Mika Karhumaa's studio









However, music business management is not a physical location. It is more a place where your brains, engagement and heart is located. The idea of this story come from the brick wall that has received a lot of attention. Some of the contacts are based solely on it:).

One advice is in place. If you are looking for a strategic guidance, read these books first.



UPDATE – The Art of Music Business Management – For Artists & Managers (2022) is also available now.


I will usually accept all the contacts I have. Reading those books greatly facilitates the progress and accelerates all the possible processes. There is a reason why I have written them. We get easier to the point.  After reading those books you are forced to evaluate your business. This again facilitates the formation of your own opinion and the most important thing – the story you want to tell.

Modern music business management differs to some extent from what we have accustomed to. It isn’t mere external issues such as playlist pitching or constant social media promotion, although you could easily so think in the first place. These functions are, of course, important, but not all. Today, it is important to invest in unique things, to the story and how it is most sensible to bring out. It’s the bespoke career counselling which is still good be included in the management. Against that background, it is also easier to understand the business itself. It is also important that the artist understands the things about themselves correctly. Transparency is the virtue of today. The better we prepare the artists to their ‘game-plans’, the better the whole industry functions!

Here I am with a distinguished Ghanaian producer/artist, sLimBO – talking about new outputs and the story angles they should contain. These meetings are guided by necessity. Whenever there is a reason for it, the line opens. It’s a normal day at the office – as with all other affiliated artists.

Office meeting with sLimBO