The Art of Music Business Management – The Course


Here we are once more, preparing for the commencement of the ”Managerial and Intercession Skills in the Music Business – The Modern Fundamentals of the Industry” course at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. The course is based on The Art of Music Business Management – For Artists & Managers book.

The course’s title itself encapsulates its core starting point. There exist specific competencies that a manager is expected to excel in, and how they navigate these competencies significantly impacts their success in the role. Importantly, this success resonates profoundly with the artist they represent, underlining the inherent interdependence between the two parties. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, emphasizing the collaborative nature of this relationship.

Success in this domain necessitates multidimensional skills and a shared understanding between the involved parties. We operate within multiple levels of frameworks concurrently. These frameworks encompass the foundational narrative and the artist’s perspective, which this course thoroughly explores from various angles. Here’s an outline of the lecture themes and their respective contents:

  1. Digital Identity And Passive Promotion
  2. Copyright, Passive Income, And Strategies for Activation
  3. The Role of Management And Manager Contract
  4. Nurturing The Manager-Artist Relationship
  5. Active Promotion And Its Impact – The Story on Story Effect
  6. Advancement And Business Development
  7. Synchronization As A Pathway To Progress

Our course features several esteemed guests, each a professional in their respective fields. This time, our lineup includes Jennifer Pyken, Anna Turunen, Jenny Andreasson,

Typically, I lead the first two lectures, establishing a foundational framework for the course. Our primary objective during this phase is to cultivate a collective understanding of the critical elements at play within this industry. When this is set up, we will invite our guests in the order that aligns with the course’s systematic arrangement. The guests have also appreciated this arrangement, as it allows them to delve directly into their specialties without any constraints or structural barriers. Consequently, the course progresses continually, preparing and ensuring the readiness for its next step – one step at a time.

Consequently, the course doesn’t merely comprise lectures or guest presentations; rather, it’s a curated journey aimed at incrementally elevating the level of engagement and expertise. Many of the case studies and examples we delve into are current and real-time. In fact, numerous productions or operations discussed in the course are either ongoing or set for release shortly, providing us with insider knowledge about the influencing factors and potential hidden motivations behind these endeavors.

The course book, ’The Art of Music Business Management – For Artists & Managers,’ is receiving a second edition this year, where these conceptual frameworks have been structured into an even clearer format.

And here we are;

The class of 2024 at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences - MANAGERIAL AND INTERMEDIATION SKILLS IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS 2B00DB69 - Teams view