In August it will be out

I don’t know what it is about August. It’s not the first time I have published a new book in August. So it will be this time. It is probably due to summer holidays. To get book ready for the publication before it, take a rest and get the jump start when back to work. A few words I want to say before it’s time to reveal the back cover’s content.

This upcoming book is something that’s been in my mind a while. I know that many writers tell exactly the same. Still, the challenging part wasn’t the content – that I already had in mind. It was the structure and concept. Music business has evolved a lot lately and it still does. That’s the reason non-fiction around it should act accordingly. We need to make reservations and anticipate what’s coming.  But we also has to be able to extract the essential. All of a sudden, while lecturing a lot, I mean a lot – I discovered the way how this can be explained in a way that already takes note on all kinds of development. The concept was born.

The book is in its layout now, waiting for the time get published. I cannot reveal the exact publication date, but it will take place at some point in August. If you are hungry for more information, feel free to visit The Essence of the Music Business books. The sharpest eye can see how much they have affected to this upcoming book. A certain level of consistency is in the air.

Here’s what I can reveal – the text of the back cover of The Art of Music Business Management – For Artists & Managers.

‘Music business evolves faster than ever before. New methods appear before you have even learned previous ones and this challenges management to think accordingly. The best way to prepare is to accept chances. Many things progress and renew, but the important laws remain the same. Within such a frame, you can safely evaluate your chances of success, but also the meaningfulness of action, even in an unknown environment.

Nowadays artists more frequently take a more active role in their own management. It’s not just the manager that runs intermediation or facilitation, and this includes modern preconditions and their arrangements. The artist needs to be prepared in any case, with consideration as to how resources are allocated to enable goal achievement.

This book is a comprehensive overview about the things you need to pay attention to. It also provides a new, adjusted structure for understanding this business. This structure allows the adoption of new things more tangible and as a result you will not get lost within all the new daily-emerging details you need to cope with.

A manager needed to write this book. The author has almost three decades of experience in multiple capacities. Mika Karhumaa is a music business manager – specializing in artist management and contracts & copyright. He lectures on the subject and acts as a strategist in many industrial operations.

This book is dedicated to everybody having a vocation and willingness for a career in the music business.’

In August you can buy The Art of Music Business Management - For Artists & Managers book on Amazon