Mika Karhumaa’s Author Page on Facebook


This is what many of you have been waiting for – Facebook. Another inclusion on social media. I just have been waiting for the right moment to launch this. Start opening another avenue in the middle of writing processes is more difficult than one could imagine. Ending the trilogy gives you a required leisure time. Also, summer time is time for myself, but also a space to learn something new. For me, this summer is creating the Facebook pages related to my publications and affiliated activity.

And yes – I know I have been more active on LinkedIn. The question is not that it would be somehow be a priority. No, it just somehow fits to the moments of writing. And there are many of my colleagues. I have developed my own routine how to deal with the outside world, both in private life, working life and on social media. However, I have had Facebook all the time in my mind. Now that the working situation as an artist manager and lecturer is better settled, it is time to add new features.

All the things that I feel worth saying will appear on this page. My greatest source of joy has always been the ability to engage in live situations, much like the interaction in the lectures or as a manager during negotiations. Depending on the pace I learn to use Facebook’s opportunities, I will gradually include all the cool, or less cool, material over there.

One thing to mention! I have visited numerous Skype conversations with my readers – whenever it has been requested. At the moments when ’composing’ feels lonely, a good conversation enlivens your spirit up. I am extremely grateful for these discussions.

I am very pleased, if you experience my book-related Facebook page interesting. Of course, it will not replace my other social media forums and there will surely be overlaps.

Mika Karhumaa on Facebook