One-on-One Consultation – A Brief Overview


One-on-one consultations have been reintroduced into my agenda. I had to take a break from this favorite task because of those books. It’s funny how you get used to almost everything. When I started writing those books, it took surprisingly long. Gradually, you learn to find your own way of handling things, and the task becomes easier. It doesn’t take the same amount of time anymore. So, now it’s a good time to make consultations regular again. In addition, I’ve been developing this concept quite a bit here.

However, if you are in need for consultation, here are a few things good to know. The most common topic in my consultations is artist management and its various features. As a broad concept, artist management is incredibly expansive, but in modern management, a lot of attention must be paid to its details. On the other hand, when carrying out these actions, it’s essential to always consider the bigger picture.  And that is often the reason why people reach out to me.

With 30 years of experience, one is able to see different paths and, above all, means of implementation. It also teaches you how to find sensible next steps that are tailored to the current moment and the overall context. For a manager, in turn, honing this manager’s perspective becomes a goal in itself.

Not to mention co-management, which is becoming increasingly common, especially among indie artists. A contemporary artist needs to know quite a bit about management and promotion within it. It is not difficult to deduce that my consultation related to a wide range of related activities. However, one task stands out above all others. That is modern online presence and the related digital identity that is made to support the artist’s narrative. When this state is in place, I refer to it as passive promotion.

I have included consultation gigs back in the menu. So feel free reach out if you are in need of them.

One could say that the content of online presence and how it’s connected to the digital environment or the reality it influences is the starting point today – it’s kind of a ’chess-opening’ setting. The establishment of this framework to align with one’s strategic needs is what is initiated, developed, and activated in this consultation. I can say that a modern music business or any other industry player will soon be unable to do without this.

The actions vary depending on the target – while in the past, it was important to stand out visually, nowadays it’s crucial to stand out digitally. The better one succeeds in this task, the more effectively machinery intelligence in its various forms understands us and our production. Once you become aware of your individual narrative’s roots, it becomes easier for you to progress cohesively. Consistency is a virtue in many ways also today and future.

So, if you want to do something before the consultation, it’s worth reading this book. It explains in an understandable way what all of this is about and why it is so important to embrace. I can tell you that many of my clients have had a completely fresh start in their careers after this consultation.

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