A Few New Ideas and The Music Business


This idea has been present a lot throughout the year. Finally I can tell you more about my upcoming publications. I’ve been thinking how to complete the trilogy. One option would be write a brand new The Essence of the Music Business book. The other is to include that updated material within the previous three. Since the first part, Contracts, was already updated in March 2019, the other two parts, Philosophy and Strategy, remain as options.

I read both books twice – thinking about how they could be improved. I was particularly interested about the structure and order of presentation. Could I get new information there without compromising anything. Whether the existing structure allow room for the new ideas and/or whether there is enough space so that the book does not become too long. I realized that the update could take place in two steps. It allows me to complete the material if needed. If I make Philosophy first with the things I could add there, I can further refine them in terms of strategy. This realization was followed by a sense of freedom. It would avoid the possibility that an entirely new book would actually be a repetition of three previous ones – with only a few new ideas. The possibility of such always exist, as the trilogy contains more than five hundred pages.

This kind of solution also allows for depreciation. I can take unnecessary songs out of the books – these always remain, at least with the first editions. When the time passes from the publication, the text can be evaluated more objectively, and from the better distance.

I have recently focused on the streaming management, in more detail than in the past. Also to gain experience how to perform this task in the 2020’s. Or rather, I started this operation a few years ago – at the national level. Now it has been transferred to the international scenes – with the same team as before. The experiences I got can be read in the new editions of The Essence of the Music Business.

UPDATE: It still so happened that I decided to write another book – not within that trilogy as I just told. Many things led to this decision. You can get this book from here.

A few new ideas and modern music business with Annika Nord - we are sitting on our kitchen with her.

There’s more to this than just writing and publishing. It’s been a pleasure to partner with Grey Beton Records. Our second joint operation, Delta Enigma’s Waterfall, will be released along through that avenue. More likely all my other artists will end up with the same solution. The vision that CEO Richard Hiles has to offer provides the experience required for the modern streaming release requirements.