Some Words About My Schedule 2024


This question is frequently asked on an annual basis – how do I fill my days and what does it involve. In other words, what is my schedule like. Answering that question can be both easy and challenging – depending on the perspective from which you want to approach it. I like the word schedule because it implies a sense of planning. It indeed is that – with the caveat that you have to leave room for surprises, both positive and negative. We cannot predict the reactions our actions may evoke. These reactions hold significant importance, as they often determine the degrees of prioritization. It’s our tendency to direct activities where they thrive the most, support our narrative, and also feel most meaningful.

A manager’s schedule typically spans across various layers and forums. In my case, my books and related lectures are an integral part of my daily agenda. I always allocate a dedicated space for them. I balance these tasks with artist management and music law, which I work on. In relation to books and lectures, this practice is crucial. It keeps me updated on the latest trends in the industry.

This year’s schedule includes annual contracts with three artists, IRENE, Annika Nord, and Hanna-Maaria Tuomela. They keep me busy, and the number of artists is just the right amount to handle. In addition to that, I take care of matters for other artists without being operationally responsible for their entire careers. Quite often, I get contacted for assistance in strategic online presence and related passive promotion matters. Or someone needs help with industry contracts and copyright issues. I’ve been doing this work for 30 years this year.

Another integral part of my yearly schedule is the ’Managerial and Intermediation Skills in the Music Industry’ course at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. This course is held twice a year, and the first set is currently halfway through. If the course interests you, you can inquire about it closer to the beginning of May. The next set will take place then, and anyone from anywhere in the world can enroll.

And yes, the second edition of ’The Art of Music Business Management – For Artists & Managers’ book is on its way later this year. I can’t wait to share it, as the book’s overall concept has now met its audience and has been further developed to address the modern management needs.

Just like a natural progression and due to several requests, the book is getting its own master course. I still have a few question marks regarding this matter, but I believe I’ll resolve them soon. Ideally, the course could start in August 2024. It’s advisable to stay tuned and follow on LinkedIn and Instagram – the application for the course may open anytime.

Oh, about that schedule and its emphases. It varies throughout the year based on where the effectiveness is highest. However, always ensuring that artists’ matters are never at a standstill.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I typically respond within 24 hours.

My schedule for 2024 includes also spare time. Here I am seeing Something Rotten at Åbo Svenska Teatern