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If you are a music business teacher like me and interested in The Art of Music Business Management – For Artists & Managers book – here is some useful background information. Every teacher, of course, value their own methods and practices. This was my starting point when I started writing this book. I like to think I have consequently managed to write a ‘from a teacher to the teacher book’. That’s another goal for this book. Another was to write a content that also suitable for the artists. For their management needs.

The book is specifically focused on the structural insights and concept at hand, not so much on the numerous details. There are examples of course, but always when needed. That’s the reason why typical music business areas are switched to the real areas of action and treated as audiences. You will soon understand what I mean. This is the way we get the real sight of the manager in front of us.

This invention enables the presentation through three relevant dimensions – management, copyright&contracts and intermediation. It is now easier to explain the transition of modern management priorities from traditional mediator model to this updated and current model, based on the strategic control.

This is beneficial for the students. They get a holistic picture of the contemporary job description. According to the modern management, the artist is no longer a passive object, but a living resource. As a result, students get a better picture of the strategies and modern laws that affect below. All of it isn’t as obvious as before. Also this you will soon find out!

From the artist’s point of view, the term promotion is replaced with the term story. The story here doesn’t mean the story in its traditional sense. It is more of a construction to explain the functional aspects of the story – what is it that the story really is for. This is the way we can switch the external view, how it appears, to the internal view, what it contains and what are we truly aiming for.

Contracts & copyright in turn, have been dealt only to the extent relevant to the music business management – that is, the business side of it/them. This way we are not confusing the overall understanding with too much technical details. The book has references to the material relevant – for those willing to have more detailed information on the matter.

All the above provide a lot of leeway for everyone to use that information the way they want and supplement it with other relevant sources, experiences and/or examples. The teacher now has a frame that doesn’t interfere any other existing frames. Neither doesn’t it exclude any other ways of getting the same information – not even if it’s parallel or overlapping.

I have used this structure for three years in our lectures. Our guest lecturers have liked this setting a lot. They told that it has been easy to bring along their experience without any structural expectations. They get to talk what they feel best and still have a context.

One of the most intriguing modern management tools and my favorite, passive promotion, is well explained in the book.

The end of the book – the last two chapters can be a bit repetitive. When I am teaching the manager students, I exclude these parts. With the artists instead, repetition has proven to be a useful method. With them, there can be reasons to explain the same thing more than
once. They need this information partly for other reasons.

Another reason for these last two chapters is potential Second Edition. The chapters include memory traces need to take into account when making that update. This way I don’t forget them.

I was of two minds whether to start predicting the future development or not. Decided not to. Consequently, I didn’t want to make too much predictions where web3, metaverse and all the other new businesses may take us – just to present their existence and meaning as they
appear now. I believe it’s better to let the practice show it first. That’s the reason why the amount of pages (134) is less than average. When that information is available, this is the place for its fulfillment.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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