Mentor and What Does It Mean To Me


To have a mentor is definitely an asset. One good attention to remember is that the mentor relationship does not born with a decision, but just takes place. It may arise whenever and in any way.

In my case, a meaningful event took place in 2003. I was spending the evening with my friends at Ravintola Ilves. Juhani Merimaa, the owner of the place, came to the place and sat on our table. When he heard I had written a book of music business contracts, he started a debate. I lived at the time in a different city and I had a ticket to the next outgoing train. I quickly realized that it is worth to stay and go with the next train.

Experience is a thing that has always fascinated me. When I write in my books that it is good to have at least one experienced player onboard, I will return to this moment. When he started talking about his experiences, the events he has faced in the international music business, the whole table got silent. We just listened. It was completely inconceivable that the music business professional that level gave three hours to us without being asked. Many things he mentioned, opened to me when practicing music law later on.

Now, 18 years later, I still continue to meet with him. To have a mentor – it also have an impact to the contents of my books. And lectures. Such moments offer insights that you would not otherwise be even aware of. It is the experience against which the options are easier to weigh.

Here’s a picture from the last week meeting, Annika Nord also included.


It can be important to have mentor. Juhani Merimaa has been one of a kind to me.


To have, or to become a mentor doesn’t happen by force, it just happen. That itself is a good reason to keep your eyes and ears open – the same may happen to you too.