Meaningful Points to Strategy’s 2nd Edition


Meaningful it has to be. Strategy has always been my favorite subject. Although all my books deal with strategic perspectives to some extent, this up-coming Second Edition at hand treats it a bit differently. It is these essential sections that have been better raised. And beneath that, it’s attached with the meaningful experience.

This book has already faced the readers with its First Edition. Since its publication I have used this book as a study book in my courses. It has been a subject for the intensive debate, questioning and analyzing. Nothing establishes a better starting point for Second Edition as such a discourse.

Different methods and different measures may result in exactly the same end result. Strategy is not always a question of choice – sometimes it’s dictated by necessity. Although the strategy is often dependent on its user, it also affects how others adopt it or from other side – react to it. A journey includes variables that force you to monitor your advance. The strategy also involves a morality, sustainable solutions and accountability in general. The strategy will not only affect in its immediate sphere of influence, but also has a further impacts.

Another meaningful factor is goals. Each release is always about facing the ideals of industry. The issues that are generally perceived as worthwhile. Each release also creates an opportunity to enrich the backstory of everyone involved. The release also adds another metadata in the form of copyright. If your own goals differ from how the same thing used to take place in the field, it may require clarification. By taking note of this you will be understood properly.

This up-coming book deals with these topics. All this and much more will be available in this soon to be published The Essence of the Music Business: Strategy 2nd Edition. The new edition has a polished presentation and it includes topics that were left out of the First Edition. It’s much more consistent entity now.

I am privileged to get to work with the professionals I have mentioned in my books. Every thanks is well deserved. Here we are on April 22th at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, with Leonidas Chantzaras, talking about the significance of record companies in the 2020’s.

Talking about strategically meaningful things with Leonidas Chantzaras.