Learn by Doing or From Others


Learn by doing or from others – that’s the question of what we all should think about. With many regards. What are the things we need to learn and what are the things we can ignore. That’s another question – especially nowadays when everything seems to evolve so fast. Usually many things transpire along the way – as our experience accumulates. Just moving on with your agenda, you begin to find your own way of work, but also to better understand the things you face. Or maybe even more importantly, what they mean to you.

Eventually, you will learn how to best make use the information you receive. For me learning is everyday matter – it happens without noticing it. In terms of music business management, the crucial question is what you do with that knowledge. What is the ultimate purpose you serve?

Personally, I believe in learning by doing. It enables serendipity. That however, doesn’t exclude learning from others. During this, soon 30-year time-span, I have worked as an artist manager and music business management professional, I have received a lot of advises. Some of them have been immediately usable while with another, I have realized the hint later. That’s exciting about this guidance, you will never know where following them may lead you. Of course, not all the advises are good.

In my case – I have noticed that I have built a logical whole of all these advises. These advises, combined with the gained experience have developed a concept for itself. How this is related to professional literature? You must, avoid of getting blind to your own chances, also look at the outside. Books and literature give you a chance. You can mirror what you read and draw your own conclusions. To this end, professional literature exists, not just to learn new things – also when evaluating your own doing.

This is what I want you to do. When you read these books, go into them. Think about what you would do within the examples presented in the books. In this way, you will get the best of it. At the same time, you will evaluate your own style to handle your own music business management.

Before this novelty will come out, you still have time to examine the previously published chapters. They have been a precondition for the birth of this book.

Learn how to handle your own music business management